How can you become a stay-at-home dad?


To be a stay at home Dad you will learn to have certain articles on you or handy. One of them is going to be a towel to wipe up spills from the children or chocolate off their faces. You could use it as a dust rag too! Another article you might want to have is some ear plugs and a bottle of aspirin for your headaches of hearing the children scream. Being a stay home Dad is the same as a stay home Mom. You get to have the same privileges and fun.
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1. Do some soul-searching. Make sure you’re okay with your wife being the breadwinner, and discuss what you will be expected to do. Are you signing on to do all the housework,
1. Take online courses or a night class at a college or university to learn a new skill or improve existing skills before returning to the job market. Enroll in a degree program that
Use the same methods fathers do in these situations. Consider Bird Nest Custody. Even with joint physical, you will need to pay child support and alimony. see link.
The challenges that stay-at-home dads need to deal with include managing time, cooking and cleaning house, disciplining kids, coping with the lack of interaction with other adults
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