Artificial Insemination at Home?


It is possible to conduct a successful artificial insemination at home using the "Turkey Baster Method," which often actually involves the use of a small, disposable syringe. For a list of instructions on this method, please see:
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Couples facing fertility problems may consider artificial insemination, a process in which sperm from either a partner or a donor is artificially inserted into the woman's reproductive
last but not least you need to be you will need to have all the supplies prepared to be used.also find a spot where you will comfortable for atleast 1 hour.
Artificial insemination is a fertility procedure where sperm is directed placed in the reproductive tract of a female. There are actually three different types of artificial insemination
The only thing I would worry about is if your inseminating device isn't clean. That could lead to a yeast infection. Other than that I don't think there are any risks. Also make sure
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How to Artificially Inseminate a Dog at Home
Artificial Insemination, or AI, is a process used by breeders to artificially impregnate a female dog in heat with semen collected from a male dog. Usually reserved for valuable purebred dogs, serious breeders will use artificial insemination in place of... More »
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