Artificial Light Sources?


An artificial light sources any source of light that is manufactured by human beings. Some examples could be candles, incandescent lightbulbs, and fluorescent lamps.
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Anything that is man made, like a light bulb, laser, floodlight etc.
Artificial lighting is any source of light besides sunlight or moonlight. Fire is the first known version of artificial light, which was also used as a heating device. Both gas and
Examples of artificial electrical lighting are
Technically speaking, if a source is generating light, then it's a real light source - as opposed to an artificial one, which makes it impossible to ever actually have an "artificial
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Sources of light are things that gives out light. The sun, stars, fire, electric bulbs and candles are all sources of light. It is important to note that not all ...
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Natural light sources are those objects that are found in nature and are capable of emitting visible light. Examples of them are the sun, stars, meteors and meteorites ...
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