Artificial Propagation of Plants?


Artificial propagation of plant is the process of making new plants from different plants of different parts of plants. Artificial plant propagation can be asexual or sexual. The methods of artificial plant propagation include cuttings, layering, division, and grafting.
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a process whereby man induces the growth of a new plant.
1. Move two sexually mature male and several female koi into the hatchery at least one day prior to the injection of hormones. Ensure the water in the hatchery is highly oxygenated
The technique consists of taking a piece of a plant
1. Pick a succulent that is healthy and is ready for a pruning. Jade plants, in particular, are an especially hardy succulent that take well to propagation . Ad. 2. Take a cutting
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Artificial Propagation of Plants
Plants normally reproduce through seeds, spores or reproductive growths such as rhizomes or tubers. However, artificial propagation may present a number of advantages under certain circumstances.... More »
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