The molecular geometry of AsF3 is Trigonal pyramidal. There are five valence electrons in the compound. The fluorine atoms form a single bond each. The two unbounded elections are responsible for the lone pair.
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AsF. 3. is Arsenic TriFluoride.
26 valance electrons or 13 electron pairs. (As has 5, and F has 7) Central
AsF(sub)3 is called arsenic trifluoride. SO(sub)2, however, is NOT sulfur fluoride - rather, it is sulfur dioxide. There's no fluorine in the compound at all. Platinum (IV) chloride
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AsF3 is Arsenic trifluoride. Usually it appears in liquid form. Lewis structure is a diagram that shows the bonding between atoms of a molecule. For Arsenic trifluoride ...
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