Ash and Misty Kiss?


Ash and Misty are two of the main characters in the cartoon Pokemon. They kiss in one of the lost episodes that was not aired. You can find a clip of their kiss on YouTube.
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Never. If you see that happen it's a fake episode. :-)
They Dont
Although there are fake pics circulated online and it's obvious to most
Their ages were not specified in the TV series. Ash is somewhere in...
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Misty kissing Ash Ketchum happened in one of episodes of Pokemon. This was in the episode that was called 'Under the Mistletoe.' The kiss happened in Ash's house ...
Ash and Misty are characters in the famous series Pokemon. They are good friends in the series. They kissed in the series as well. It is the episode when they're ...
Ash Ketchum and Misty are Pokemon characters that are featured on the Pokemon cartoon. Ash and Misty kiss in the episode titled 'Kiss Under the Mistletoe'. It ...
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