What are Ashley Belle porcelain dolls?


Ashley Belle porcelain dolls are antique dolls that may be hard to find nowadays. They are priced around $30, which makes it a very affordable piece to have in any doll collection. Some are made with realistic crying noises if you press on the stomach of the doll. Most dolls that are listed for sale are not in mint condition and have blemishes, such as cuts and stains. Because of these blemishes, the value of the dolls have fallen even further.
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Price For Both:
A guess is around 10 to 100 to 150 dollars. http://search.yahoo.com/search;ylt=AsO2…. http://www.rubyplaza.com/item/655564-V12…. http://www.theantiquerschest.com/princes
You have to go to the store to find out.Don't ask other people they mite not have one.
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