Ashton Drake Doll Values?


Ashton Drake dolls are lifelike dolls that move and make noises. Because of the technology that has gone into the dolls, the values of the dolls are anywhere from $100 to $200. Some models actually breathe and have heartbeats to simulate real life closely. All are weighted to resemble the real weight of babies. These dolls can be used as a tool to teach teenagers the responsibilities of having a child without giving them a real child.
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1. Know the artist. Ashton-Drake dolls are designed by some of the world's leading designers like Linda Webb. Find an artist you like and collect as many of her works as you can.
go to hamleys or walmart or amazon.
Ashton Drake porcelain dolls vary greatly depending on which doll it is
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You can purchase Ashton Drake Dolls online from classic-collection-dolls website or from ashtondrake website. There is free shipping for buyers from the UK while ...
Retired dolls from the Ashton Drake dolls include 10' Tiny Charlie, 10' Baby Kathie - Exclusive Breast Cancer Charity Doll, 10' Baby Lucy - Exclusive Breast Cancer ...
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