How to Ask for Money?


When asking a millionaire for money, Be clear about what you want. It makes it much easier for people to give it to you. Don't beat around the bush, just come right out and say what you need and why.
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The less often you ask for money, the more likely you are to receive it when you do ask. So, politely tell the person you are asking what kind of situation you are in, and assure
1. Get educated. Know the field you are going into. Don't just get a degree. You are going to have to prove hands on participation if you are looking for millions of dollars. The
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1 Go to Forbes or a similar website and look through the lists of richest people. It may be useful to select lists based on proximity or shared language. Write down the full names
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Asking a wealthy person for money is one possible avenue to receive funding for a philanthropic cause, or to start a business. However no millionaire became rich ...
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