Ask a Vet a Question for Free about My Rabbit?


Yes, you can ask a vet a question for free about your pet rabbit, as vets normally won't charge for a bit of information. Some vets even offer free consultation services, and will only charge you if they need to inspect the animal. You can have a look online for vets in your area; their websites should mention whether or not they charge for consultations.
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1. Call local vets for advice and referrals. Speak with local veterinarians and ask if they can offer free advice when owners cannot afford to pay. If they say no, ask if they can
There are alot of sites you can go to for online pet advice from a live vet, But most of these sites cost money to register, or for each question you ask. does not
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What services do you offer, i.e., boarding, grooming, x-ray and ultrasound
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1. The first thing is do when you need answers from your vet is to listen to what they have to say. Let them tell you all they know but don't stop there. If you ...
I have taken my pet to the Vet many times and the questions that were asked require a straightforward answer. The best way to answer the vet's questions about ...
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