What Kind of Questions Do You Ask an Accountant?


Accountants get asked all sorts of money-related questions. Often folks ask an accountant tax questions. Budget preparation, payroll issues, profit and loss ratios, and audit preparation are all matters to take to a good accountant.
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A license as a certified public accountant, or CPA, is the best-known certification for accountants. Accountants holding this license have specific knowledge of rules, regulations
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Ask an Accountant allows one to ask accounting questions without worrying about the cost of the service. The average time to have a question answered is just 45 minutes. Help is available for those who are self employed, a sole trader, setting up a new business, a limited company, a contractor, a partnership, a charity, a representative of a PLC or large company, and more. The services are free of charge. If additional services are needed, a skilled accountant will be matched with the person who is in need.
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