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Ask Dr. Gott is a website that is intended to be run like an old fashioned advice column. He had been a doctor for 40 years before retiring on July 1, 2006. He was a graduate from Princeton University and Tulane Medical School. He had a daily column which was syndicated from 1984 to 2011. Although his website does offer legitimate medical advice, he does not answer them personally. Instead, the questions are answered by his staff.
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Dr Gott is a medical doctor who can be read in over 350 newspapers across the country each day. He writes a popular health column where his no-nonsense and sincere ...
Dr. Gott was a retired general practitioner who had a column in a large number of news papers including USA Today and Modern Medicine. He was considered an outspoken ...
Dr. Gott writes medical advice columns in question and answer format. His full name is Peter H. Gott, and he works closely with Jared Zeiman, MD. He is best known ...
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