Ask God for a Miracle?


In order to ask God for a miracle, a person will need to pray sincerely to God. Faith is a big part of believing in miracles. God may answer your request but in a way that is best for you. It may not be the miracle you are praying for.
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you must ask only good things which are not bad to any human, but first, the faith and prayer must be only to Those Ones Who really Are the true God Father and true Lord Jesus Christ
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Miracles are extraordinary events that happen inexplicable by the laws of nature and therefore taken to be supernatural in origin or the acts of God. It is also ...
Miracles still occur according to Christian believers. Christians believe that with strong faith and believe in God, one can experience miracle through healing ...
Miracles can happen according to religion because there is a God in the universe. In the perspective of Christianity, miracles are precisely the product plus the ...
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