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Ask Peter is a website where it has virtual tarot cards. Tarot cards are a way to read the future, based on the cards picked by the person the reading is done for. Physical tarot cards are usually used for readings, but now, virtual readings are popular because no cards are needed and readings can be done right away. Ask Peter requires the user to type a petition before asking their question to get a reading.
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Peter Answers is a website that uses Javascript to create the illusion that "Peter" is a fortune teller.
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If you follow the directions closely you will note that you type in the question and the answer to what you are asking. That is how it works. then go to violent videos dont worry there not violent. and it dosent really meen what it says.
There is a virtual tarot site called "peter answers" There is no ask peter.
See Peter Clark: Why does Peter Clark want to know what Anon User is wearing every single day? I can't re-direct to a personal question. :( Embed Quote
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