How do you ask someone to go on a date?


There are direct and indirect ways to ask someone on a date. A direct way of asking someone to go on a date is to ask, "Would you like to go out with me?" An indirect way of asking someone out on a date would be to use suggestion, to make it seem as if going out is his or her idea or to emphasize the benefits of dating.

Jeremy Nicholson, a doctor of social and personality psychology, writes in Psychology Today that when asking for something you want, such as a date, there's a 50 percent chance that the person of interest will say yes. This suggests decent odds for either the direct or indirect approach to asking someone out on a date.

The direct approach is good to use if you have a sufficient amount of self-confidence and don't have significant difficulties with handling rejection. Understanding the fact that the person you're interested in will either say yes or no is a good way to approach the situation and simply hope for the best.

The indirect approach is useful for individuals who may be a little shy or who may feel a little awkward about coming out and directly asking for a date. Offering the suggestion that you and your romantic interest check out a place or event that is of interest to him or her may be easier to execute. The suggestion takes the emphasis away from the idea of it being a date and gives the person a chance to partake in an event or experience that is of interest to him or her while getting to know you.

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1. Introduce yourself to that person you've been admiring from afar. 2. Get the person's telephone number, or tell a common friend you would like the number. 3. Call. Choose a time
1 Remain as calm as possible . While you'll likely be very nervous, try not to over-excite yourself. 2 Find an appropriate time to ask . If you share a similiar interest or at the
Just look at her eyes, give her a nice compliment (about her hair or her clothes) and ask her to go out with you. Promise her that she will have fun. Hopefully you too.
It's very risky. If date #2 finds out he/she is only used for standby purposes you can forget about asking them out again. What if date #1 says no then changes their mind after date
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How to Ask Someone on a Date
Whether the other person is interested or not, you'll never know unless you ask. So gather up all your courage and follow these steps.... More »
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