How do you ask your girlfriend's father for her hand in marriage?


According to Art of Manliness, asking a girlfriend's father for her hand in marriage is a multi-step process that should be approached with care. The first step is to consult the bride-to-be and discuss her feelings toward a wedding. Both partners need to be on the same page and decide that this is truly what they both want before proceeding any further.

Before approaching the father, it helps to have developed a relationship with him. This isn't always possible, but a future husband should try to get in face time with a future father-in-law before asking for his daughter's hand. The question, if possible, should also come face-to-face. Going out for coffee, a meal or a drink fosters feelings of trust. If the father lives far away, the question should be saved for a family visit such as a holiday. If this kind of contact isn't possible, a phone call is acceptable. Regardless of the circumstances, the husband-to-be should start out by expressing affection for the man's daughter, citing her specific qualities. The next step is to be direct and bring up the issue of marriage, acknowledging the seriousness of the commitment and all that it implies. Expressing commitment, respect and the promise to honor his daughter for the rest of her life is crucial. After that, all that is left it to request the father's blessing and hope for the best.

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