How to Ask Your Girlfriend's Father for Her Hand in Marriage?


Not every family may expect the man to ask the girlfriend's father permission to marry his daughter, but it may mean a lot to him anyway. When asking a father for her daughter's hand in marriage it is probably best to meet with him in person, perhaps over coffee or lunch, and explain to him why you want to marry her. The more sincere you portray yourself, the more reason the father has to know you are the right man for his daughter.
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1. Be prepared. Think about what you'll say to your girlfriend's father before you arrange to talk with him. 2. Ask for a few minutes to speak to him in private or in the presence
Answer Answer Asking the girls father for her hand in marriage is a bit old fashioned. I'd ask the girl first, see what she says, and ask her what she thinks about going to her father
Asking is a way to show respect, not only to your future father-in-law, but also to your soon-to-be bride. It's a time to share your good intentions and plans for the future. Hopefully
1. Take him out to a restaurant and make him realize that something is going on. Let him ask what is up. Tell him on how in love and happy you are. Make him proud of his daughter,
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