Asphalt Coverage Per Ton?


The amount of asphalt paving coverage per ton will depend on the depth one uses when covering the area. However, one average a ton of asphalt will cover 380 square yards. This cost will vary from company to company.
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It of course depends on the depth. An old rule of thumb is one ton will cover one square yard (3'x3' at 18 inch depth. Of course we don't place it 18 inches deep very often. But if
Ashpalt generally weighs 115 lbs per square yard at 1" of thickness. So, first convert square yards to tons by multiplying it by 0.0575 tons, then multiplying it by the depth
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About all you can do is measure samples, or use the results of somebody else's measured samples from a reference. If the broken pieces are uniform in size, the size doesn't really
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The cost of asphalt per ton varies depending on the type of asphalt and where you get it from. It can range from just $73 per ton, and go up to over $125 per ton ...
The weight of crushed asphalt varies depending on the mix but 45 lbs per cubic is typical. So a ton of asphalt, 2000 lbs, is equal to approximately 14 square yards ...
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