How to Assemble a Metal Frame Futon Bunk Bed?


To assemble a Metal Frame Futon Bunk Bed, you must find space in the room to set up the metal ends. Next, start sliding the bolts into the bottom part of each frame to hold it together. After the frame is put together, the spring set can be placed between the parts of the frame. Push the bolts in the frame through the corresponding holes in the bed frame. Secure each bolt with a nut. The bolts can not be tightened until the top bunk is in place. Place the next spring set between the frame for the top bunk. Repeat the process of pushing the bolts through the frame & then securing them with a nut. Now, you can tighten all of the nuts on the frame since everything is in place. Finally, cap all of the exposed screws with a plastic safety cap to prevent them from accidentally stabbing occupants of the bed.
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1. Clear the floor in the room where you want the bunk bed. Assembly will take some room, and it's easier to build the frame in place than to build it elsewhere and move it. 2. Identify
Use the manual or instruction booklet that came with it?
Without seeing futon, it is hard to offer definitive advice, but it sound like the support has broken rather than come loose. Thin wall tube like this is really hard to repair because
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Assembly Instructions for Metal Futon Frames
A futon provides ample seating like a sofa, but easily transforms into a sleeping surface. The benefit of selecting a metal frame futon over a sofa is that it's less bulky, but it is often disassembled in a box upon purchase. Although this concept... More »
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FutonLife is the futon furniture magazine. They offer animated assembly instructions for both metal and wood futons frames. They offer assembly instructions for the basic bi-fold frame, the tri-fold frame with arms, and the simple tri-fold frame. The instructions can be downloaded and printed if needed. A printable version of the metal futon frame assembly is also available for downloading. Their catalog has futon covers, pillows, skirted futon covers, fitted mattress covers, and much more.
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