Assistance for Single Mothers?


In the US single mothers may be able to obtain financial assistance, medicaid for them self and their children, Foodstamps and career training through financial assistance. Each state has its own rules and laws pertaining to each of these items and how they determine what benefits can be given. Woman, Infants and Children, also known as WIC, is also available to mothers who are pregnant, nursing or have children ages 5 or under living in the household. Other assistance such as school grants, rent assistance, utility assistance and job placement may also be available through local county or city governments programs.
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1. Apply for a federal government grant. The U.S. government has nearly 900 programs aimed at helping single mothers. They are grouped into three general categories, only two of which
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has an online application process that allows single mothers to apply for government housing assistance. Single mothers should
You will find a variety of financial aid options for single mothers. Student loans are temporary loans that must be paid back. Venture capital is an investment into your small business
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