Where can single mothers find assistance?


One way for single mothers to find assistance is to call 211 and talk to referral specialists who can recommend legitimate organizations in a particular area. 211 puts callers in touch with various helpful organizations throughout the state.

211 is a free phone call, and its associates can help single mothers access different types of useful services, such as child and family services, human services, health services and career help. Child and family services include affordable child care, recreation programs, summer camps, parent education classes and tutoring services. Human services include assistance from food banks, soup kitchens and shelters that can assist with food, clothing and shelter. Health services involve medical insurance, mental health services and assistance in understanding Medicare or Medicaid. Single mothers who wish to find a job, learn a new skill, secure transportation to work or overcome addictions can also seek help from 211's referral specialists.

For single mothers who do not qualify for government assistance, filing for child support is another option. The government requires both parents to provide financial assistance before granting any financial benefits. Single mothers can also seek assistance through a local Temporary Assistance for Needy Families office. Pregnant or nursing mothers or those with children below the age of 5 should consider applying for Women, Infants and Children.

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Grant opportunities of all kinds are available online, as long as you make the effort to search for them. Two resources that list plenty of grants for single mothers are singlemom.com
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How to Get Assistance for Single Mothers
Single mothers often bear a tremendous financial burden. Not only must they pay the bills for their family, but they often incur additional costs for daycare and babysitting while they go to work. Luckily, there is financial aid available from a number... More »
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