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An associate kiosk is generally a place where associates within a company can go within the store to gather information on certain aspects of their employment. Often the kiosks allow associates to check on their benefits, their work schedules, up coming meetings or trainings as well as possible advancements within the company. This kiosk will often be used as a place for future associates to apply for a job within the company the kiosk is in.
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JC Penney Associate Information
JC Penney has more than 150,000 associates in stores throughout the United States. An associate is a retail employee, located in mall and freestanding stores, that serves and satisfies JC Penney customers through superior customer service. Associates are... More »
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That makes no sense.
You write an email or letter to your boss 2 1/2 weeks prior to your exit. Use yahoo search above and enter in "resignation letter" for examples.
Yes. Source(s) Supervisor at JCP.
Once you to the associate kiosk, load your jTime. At the top of the jTime pop up there a like that says "Assoc Avail" click that and then it'll show you the week one and
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To sign into the JCPenney Associate Kiosk one must have a social security number and password. It allows past and current employees access to their pay information ...
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