What Is Associative Memory in Computer Organizaton?


Associative memory in computer organization is the memory unit accessed by the content of data. It is also the memory unit which storage locations are identified by their contents. This usually takes place in the hard drive.
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Associative memory in computer technology is also referred to as content-addressable memory. Associative memory can be directly accessed by the content rather than the physical address
main memory is. RAM.The words Memory,Buffer,Cache are all refers Ram. Which is Nearly 11,000 times faster than secondary memory (Hard Disk) in Random Access.
Good question. You mention BSP and CSP specifically in the question. Along with Les Valiant of Harvard I developed the BSP approach to parallel programming in the 1990s. I was also
Multilevel memory architecture is the combination of HDD, RAM and Cache in multiple levels. this helps to speed up processing by keeping frequently accessed data in Cache, which resides
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