At STP What Is the Volume of 4 50 Moles of Nitrogen Gas?


At STP the volume of 4 50 moles of nitrogen gas is about 4480L. This is because when a gas reaches the STP than one mole is equal to the 22.4L in volume. However, it also depends upon many other factors as well.
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Because you're in STP conditions, you can use molar volume in a proportion. Molar volume is the volume one mole of an ideal gas will take up at STP: 22.4 liters/mole. To set up a
In chemistry, STP corresponds to 273 K (0° Celsius) and 1 atm
3.70 x 22.4 liters= 82.88 liters? May want to check my math. 1 mole=22.4 liters.
Pb(N3)2 → Pb + 3 N2. (4.5 g Pb(N3)2) / (291.2503 g Pb(N3)2/mol) x (3 mol N2 / 1 mol Pb(N3)2) x. (22.414 L N2/mol) = 1.0 L N2.
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The molar volume of gas at STP is a fixed value of 22.4 liters per mole. This is the case for any type of gas.Molar volume is calculated by dividing the molar ...
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