When do boys stop growing?


For male children, puberty starts at around age 11 _ 12 and is complete at around age 16 _ 17. After the onset of puberty, adolescents experience a growth spurt, which lasts up to two years. During this period of growth, male adolescents can expect to grow up to 4 inches a year. In general, adolescents can expect to be at their final height by age 20.
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Boys and girls usually continue to grow until they are 14-16 years old, but this depends on when they started puberty.
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The age that boys stop growing is 18 years old but some grow until they are around 25 years old. Girls, on the other hand, stop growing at the age of 16 years ...
At the age of 18 girls reach their maximum height. Girls grow faster than boys during their early teens but boys go on growing after the age of 18. Puberty for ...
Males stop growing a few years after reaching the age if 18. Boys grow most during their teenage years and some of the changes that occur during this time include ...
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