At What Temperature Does Water Turn into Steam?


Water turns into steam at a temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius, but this temperature varies slightly with atmospheric pressure. This is a chemical process which is also known as evaporation. Evaporation involves a process in which heat energy is absorbed, and the energy which is absorbed is used to breakdown the chemical bonds between the water molecules hence converting into gas.
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At normal preasure ( 1 bar, atm. at sea level) boiling point is 100. o. C, 212. o. F, 373K.
The boiling point of water (at which it starts to
1. Turn the hot water faucet on in your kitchen sink and run the water until it is at its hottest. Then fill a drinking glass half full with the water and turn the faucet off. 2.
Steam you can see is not really steam, but in reality very hot water vapor with very small droplets of liquid water. When water is boiling a steady state of water turning into steam
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