At What Temperature Does Wood Ignite?


If the wood ignites spontaneously, it is most likely because the temperature has reached a staggering 662 degrees Fahrenheit. Under other circumstances, the wood can burn at a lower temperature. Though, most often the wood have to be exposed to the warmer temperature for hours at a time to ignite.
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300 degrees.
The spontaneous ignition of wood requires a temperature of approximately 600
. mejxu. The ignition of wood depends not only from sort but also from the humidity/moisture it contains. The temperature of inflammation: 210-300°C. Here you find some informations
Consumers can choose from dozens of models of wood stoves, but they fall in three main categories. Circulating stoves have inner and outer shells that promote the flow of air and
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300 degrees. ...
The autoignition temperature or the kindling point of a substance is the lowest temperature at which it will spontaneously ignite ...
Ignition temperature refers to the minimum temperature at which a substance that is flammable such air or gas, must be heated before it begins burning without ...
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