At Which Stage of Cellular Respiration Is the Most Atp Produced?


ATP stands for Adenosine-5'-triphosphate. The stage of cellular respiration during which the most ATP is produced is electron transport. ATP is used in intracellular energy transfer.
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The Electron Transport process is the third process in cell respiration, it. requires oxygen directly. The electron transport "chain" is a series of electron carriers in
most ATP is produced in aerobic respiration taking place in mitochondria. glucose (in cytoplasm in absence of Oxygen) is converted into pyruvic acid which is further converted into
The Electron Transport process is
38 atp The chemical equation for cellular respiration is as follows: Word equation for aerobic cellular respiration: Glucose + Oxygen -> Carbon dioxide + Water vapor + Energy Chemical
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The electron transport chain of cellular respiration is the process that produces the most ATP. Up to 32 modules can be produced by this process. This is necessary ...
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