Atis Seeds?


Atis seeds can be an insecticide if they are crushed and powdered. They come from a plant called the Sugar Apple. Anonaine, which is an alkaloid, is what lends the seeds their toxicity.
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The seeds of the Atis plant (aka Sugar Apple, Annona squamosa. contain the alkaloid anonaine, which is toxic - this is why powdered seeds, and heat-extracted oil from the seeds, are
Just put the seed in any soil. It is very easy to grow. It needs the tropical weather. The seed grow in 1 yr and ready to give you fruits. It gives fruits 3 times a year but the fruit
There's a research about the Atis seeds used to kill lice which can be considered as an insect. ^May research din kase kame tungkol diyan eh.
wala pla kyong kwenta eh.
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