Attached Earlobes?


Attached earlobes are when they are actually attached to your head. Some people have free standing earlobes while some people have attached earlobes.
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When the skin of your earlobe is attached to you skin on your head (upper jaw) it is called an attached earlobe. Earlobes that hang more freely are called unattached. They earlobe
If you earlobes aren't hanging then they're attached, it's just a natural variant.
check out old photos of your grandparents, you never know.
My boyfriend has stretched earlobes, with 16mm flesh tunnels - I think they look hot. Can we have a category for them? :-)
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Attached earlobes are a recessive trait. Earlobes are composed of tough aerolar and adipose connective tissues, and have an abundant supply of blood that warms ...
People have unattached earlobes because their genetic make-up codes for this character on their bodies. The trait is dominant over attached earlobes. If one of ...
Your genetics will be what determines whether or not you inherit attached or free earlobes. Truth be told, earlobes do not come in two discrete types, and there ...
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