How do people use audio and visual aids in teaching?


To use audio and visual aids in teaching, include them in typical lesson plans to give multiple examples of a point. Use audio and visual aids alongside text and verbal elements for the best results.

There are a variety of visual aids used in teaching, including charts, graphs, pictures and slides. These items are easy to incorporate into any lesson and give students a way to visually connect with the information in the lesson. Include visual aids whenever possible to provide a tangible example of data and information that relates to the lesson. For example, if the lesson is about the history of currency inflation, a chart plotting the rise in inflation is a wonderful additional object.

Audio aids are used less frequently but are also helpful and important. Audio aids include music, speeches and other sounds, such as animal noises. Often, audio and visual aids are combined in videos, such as movies or documentaries. Including audio is more difficult because the teacher is unable to talk over the audio and still get both points across. Instead, dedicate a few minutes of class time to the audio aid so that the students are free to focus on the information provided in the new source. For audio sources that contain a lot of words or are hard to understand, such as speeches, consider giving students a transcript so they can follow along.

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