What Is a Good Dialogue for an Audition?


Choosing the right dialogue for a movie can be a challenge. The dialogue really depends on which role you audition for. If you are auditioning for a girl role in a teen movie you could read the speech that the character Gretchen Weiner reads in a great scene from the movie 'Mean Girls.'
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Something from a t.v. show, but i am looking for a website now.but i ccant really find anything. you have to pay for most sites :/.
Work on your facial expressions and body movements. Be prepared to show emotion without using sound. practice looks of surprise, anger, confusion, contentment, relaxation and anguish
Knock off some of the to-end (parametric EQ works well for this), and add some reverb. Keep the EQ'd and reverbed dialogue on a sepperate track, so that when you wish to remove the
Whatever the size of the part, the actor has to “own” it, to know who that character is and invest themselves in that reality.
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