Aura Colors What They Mean?


An aura color is used to describe how a person is feeling throughout the several levels of their aural body. The seven layers in consideration are vital, spiritual, ether, astral, physical, lower mental, and higher mental. A shade or color, such as blue or royal blue is used alongside each layer. For example, an orange aura can appear on a spiritual layer, which good health and energy. Also, a gold aura on a lower mental layer indicates divine protection.
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My daughter believes everyone has their individual aura color. The belief is that our aura color stays the same throughout our lives and provides information about our nature and
First, you need to learn to see the aura. Click the link at the bottom of this page for instructions on viewing your aura. After learning how to see the aura, return here to interpret
Here is a rudimentary list of aura colors and their respective meanings.
Carmine: Indicates a person who is seeking change. Vermilion: Highlights
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