Where Are Air Jordans Made?


Nike has locations all over the world in over 40 countries. Their headquarters are in Oregon, but shoes are not manufactured there. It is suspected that most are made in China, but the Air Jordan II was made in Italy.
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1. Look inside the shoe and find that inner tag that states where the shoe was made. Real ones are made in China. Fake shoes might say a Southeast Asian country, like Taiwan. 2. Examine
Answer There are plenty of places you can get authentic jordans. Any of these chain stores such as Finishline, Olympia, Fottlocker(and of couurse if there is a Niketown near you)etc
You can get Authentic Air Jordan shoes at www.jordanzone.com. Air
I think it's fake. They got rare Jordans that are suppose to be real expensive and they sell it cheap. What's up with that? These are real though, I've bought Jordans here: http:/
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