How to Tell an Authentic Coach Purse?


To identify an authentic Coach Purse you will first need to look closely at the 'C' logos on the purse. All the logos should be symmetric and not cut off especially at the seam lines. Check that the stitches are uniform and of double thickness. The inside of the bag should have lining that does not have any signature. Finally all authentic Coach Pauses have a serial and an authentication code stitched somewhere in the lining.
Q&A Related to "How to Tell an Authentic Coach Purse"
1. Check the embroidered "C"s on the bag for symmetry. Many Coach handbags have their signature C embroidered on the outside of the bag in a repeated, symmetrical fashion.
there should be patent number inside the coach purse. also, by the design you can tell if its authentic but sometimes knockoffs can really resemble it.
It's supposed to be the serial number inside but now those are even being put in the fakes I think. I can usually tell a fake from a real one. Sometimes you can tell by the leather
Look closely at the Coach "C" logos on
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