What is an auto lien release letter?


If there is a lien on a vehicle, a lien release letter needs to be obtained from the lienholder before the vehicle can be disposed of. An auto lien release letter follows a standard format where the lienholder certifies that the lien on the specified vehicle has been satisfied. The letter has to be notarized.
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1. Satisfy the terms of the vehicle's loan. This usually only involves paying the balance of the loan back to the lender, including any interest that has occurred. Some loans can
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Generally on the letterhead of the institution, lists all their information, the lienholder's information, the vehicle information, the loan information,all dates, code sections for
A "release of lien" form is exactly that. It's a
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A person can get an auto lien release letter by getting in contact with the company that has a lien on the vehicle, such as the financing company. The only way to have a lien removed from an automobile is to have proof that the lien is free and clear. The lien can only be removed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
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