Auto Locking Hubs?


Locking hubs work by locking all four wheels of a vehicle to the drive shaft shifting the vehicle into four-wheel drive mode from two wheel drive. Locking hubs can either be manual, as was common in older vehicle models, or automatic which is common in newer models.
Q&A Related to "Auto Locking Hubs?"
Normally both wheels on a single axel revolve at an identical rate. Vehicles with auto-locking hubs have sensors that monitor the speed of each wheel independently. If a speed differential
1. Use a jack to raise the front driver´s side of your car. Loosen and remove the lug bolts on the front driver´s side wheel with a lug wrench. 2. Remove the wheel and
Just have your auto - locking hub cleaned and use your 4wd more often, it get stock usually for non usage. dont use grease after cleaning, use oil or thick silicone oil.
A hub used on the front axle of some 4-wd vehicles which has a mechanism that can turned to
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