What's a Reasonable Hourly Labor Rate for an Auto Mechanic?


There can be quite a range when it comes to reasonable hourly labor rates for an auto mechanic. The ones that work at dealerships generally charge more. If they specialize, such as in foreign cars, they charge more. Labor rates these days can be anywhere from $80.00 an hour to double that amount and more.
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There are several main factors that determine labor rates. Dealerships are generally more expensive than independent repair shops. One of the main reasons is because consumers see
To answer this question you have to assume that the auto shop is giving the customer a price quote and charges hourly rate based on that. There are manuals that give hour rates of
A neighborhood auto shop charged me $75/hr but a chain auto shop like Midas charged $90/hr. Depends on where u go. Source(s) Milwaukee resident.
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The average labor rate for an auto mechanic will vary based on the type of service needed, vehicle, and location. AutoMD uses market pricing to provide an estimate of what you may be charged at a repair shop. This in turn allows you to make an informed decision about your vehicle's maintenance needs. AutoMD's Fair Price features displays real-time shop repair estimates based on accredited repair shops. These estimates factor average labor costs, completion hours, and prices of parts.
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According to the 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, auto mechanics make an average of $36,610 per year or, $17.60 per hour. Average pay for auto mechanics ...
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