Auto Window Tint?


An auto window tint is a popular option for vehicles that provides protection from extended exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. A window tint can be added to a vehicle through the use of a temporary tinted kit or permanently through an auto body shop. A window tint is also designed to keep a car cooler during the summer months and can reduce the amount of gas used by the air conditioner. A person should check with their local DMV to ensure tinting is allowed on vehicles in their state and if so the percentage of tint that is acceptable.
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1. Unroll the tinting film on a large flat surface. Place a heavy towel or throw pillows on top of film to flatten the film out. 2. Purchase a heavy roll of craft paper or a roll
installers have different opinions on this subject. I prefer a product called Madico their Charcool line is very high quality and affordably priced. I have been tinting for 15 years
You can buy special stick on window tint at most auto stores or online and do it yourself, but it can be a tough job. The best looking window tinting is done by a professional. Look
1. Fill the spray bottle three quarters full with distilled water. Add isopropyl alcohol to the fill line or just below the rim. 2. Seal the bottle and adjust the spray nozzle until
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The best brand of an auto window tint is a varied opinion. This will depend on what you intend to achieve, You should look at various brands and what reviews each ...
The average price for auto window tinting is $150 to $250 depending on the type of car and the type of tint used. The price of window tinting should include warranty ...
1. Inquire about any local and state government laws concerning vehicle window tint. Some states do not allow car window tinting at all, while other states may ...
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