How to Write a High School Autobiography?


Writing a high school autobiography is a task most students are faced with during their senior year of high school. To write a high school autobiography, determine which important experiences you want to include in your autobiography. Write a short paragraph about each experience, stating how the experience changed your life. End your autobiography with your plans for the future.
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1. State the name and address of your high school or schools and the years that you attended. State the year you graduated, your overall grade point average and any special graduation
1. Make good use of your agenda. They give it to you for a reason. Don't only write homework, but make sure to write down other stuff you'll need to remember (like games, practices,
Based on her stunning array of homework questions[1], I surmise that Lauren Jeong is a high school student. (It's cool, Lauren, I've got you covered: What is the definition of surmise
Depends. Mine has about 1200
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