Autocratic Management?


An autocratic management style is characterized by a manager who solely makes all decisions. In this style of management he issues orders in completion of work and thus not seek inputs from his subordinates. This style allows for rapid decision making.
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Autocratic management style means there is one boss who makes all the decisions. It is a old school mentality, and modern managers are moving away from it. The previous answer is
An Autocratic manager is where the manager expects to be in charge of the business and to have their order followed. The keep themselves separate from the rest of the employees. They
Autocratic manemegent is when ya lick a door know and then your mum moans at you
Who's Adair ? = it all sounds like 'new age' garbage to me :-) Guess you will have to read the book yourself (or attend the lectures and take notes) - no doubt this has been 'cooked
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An Autocratic style is a manner in which a manager makes decisions unilaterally and with no much regard for subordinates. Due to this, decisions can reflect the ...
Why would you want to?!!!

Most people that behave like this are doing so because of their own inadequacies and self-esteem issues. You ...
Managers must be supportive facilitators. They will need to be decisive and directive but they can no longer use an autocratic management style. A manager will ...
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