How do I have famous autographs appraised?


The Professional Autograph Dealers Association is a membership organization with members holding expertise and integrity in buying, selling and appraising famous autographs. This organization is a source of dealers, areas of specialty and contact information.

Common famous autographed items that may be valuable include letters with historical content or correspondence of a routine nature. Checks, contracts or presidential land grants are also of interest to many dealers. Manuscripts, such as drafts of literary or musical works, may warrant an appraisal. Signed photographs and books with inscriptions by authors can be notable collectors pieces. Consult a reputable dealer specializing in famous autographs for an accurate and reliable appraisal.

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Many people obtain autographs as a way to invest in their future or as a serious collector of memorabilia items. Generally speaking, autographs have little value without a certificate
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