How do I tell if my automatic transmission linkage is faulty?


The most common indicators that an automatic transmission linkage is faulty are frequent overheating of the engine and significantly reduced transmission fluid. It is also likely to hear clanging and banging noise during operation. Faulty automatic transmission linkages occur from regular wear and tear or due to lack of regular maintenance.

The automatic transmission is responsible for moving the car once it is running. This series of gears regulates the rate at which the car travels and ensures that it operates in a smooth and moderated fashion that keeps the vehicle and driver safe.

When a linkage of the automatic transmission begins to fail, the driver notices that it is difficult to shift the car or truck into gear. This scenario also causes the automobile to change gears on its own while driving. As this occurs, the engine emits a burning smell and is prone to making loud knocking or clanging sounds. Checking transmission fluid and other liquids in the engine reveals that there are fine particles and metallic clumps throughout the device.

Once the automatic transmission linkage becomes too damaged, the vehicle refuses to shift gears at all and is likely to stop responding completely. The check engine light comes on at that point as the car shakes or grinds to a stop.

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