Automatic Transmission Valve Body?


An automatic transmission valve body is like the central processing center for an automatic transmission. It is sectioned off into a maze-like structure which are individual valves. Each of those valves are named for the specific function they do.
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It is the "brain" of the tranny. It senses the pressures and tells the tranny when to shift up or down by directing the fluid through different channels. DON'T MESS WITH
The transmission valve body controls transmission shifting. The transmission valve body contains channels used to direct hydraulic fluid to valves that allow the gears to shift as
It is the part of the transmission that controls gear shifts. It contains the spring and valves/solenoids that control the trans. operation. It has passages that the transmission
The throttle valve cable controls transmission
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The solenoid is a part of the automatic transmission that is responsible for cycling fluid. The solenoid is found in the valve body of the transmission. Solenoids ...
A transmission solenoid is an electro-hydraulic valve that controls fluid flow into and throughout an automatic transmission. Solenoids can be normally open or ...
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