Autonomous Investment?


An autonomous investment is the most noble of the investments. It is when people invest in things that better their communities and society as a whole. They are not done for profit but rather to improve the quality of life. Roads are one type of autonomous investment that governments make.
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Note that 'autonomous' means something you cant do wihtout.this kind of involves does not respond too changes in nocome level because it comes from a point of necessity e.g building
Investments might make more sense at the state and local levels. Self-driving cars must see traffic lights, and while that can be done, it can be made more fully reliable and useful
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Autonomous investment means investment by the government. It will increase in bad time, and decrease in good time. The amount of investment is determined by the government policy.
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Becap means to cover with a cap. The word 'becap' is also the name of an autonomous investment corporation in Europe, which is dedicated to secondary direct transactions ...
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