Average Cost in Spaying a Cat?


Spaying a cat is the removal of ovaries and uterus in a female cat. It is done to prevent a cat from becoming pregnant. The average cost in spaying a cat ranges between $50 to $100. If it is more complicated procedure it can cost as much as $200. Additional fees can also be added. For example, if a female cat is in heat it can cost an additional $25 to $30. Laser surgery is also an option that costs between $30 to $50.
Q&A Related to "Average Cost in Spaying a Cat?"
The price of spay and/or neuter may vary widely in a small geographic area,
The cost of spaying a cat varies greatly depending on where you live. Generally spaying a female cat is significantly more expensive than neutering a male cat, due to the extensive
1. Contact local veterinarians and inquire about costs for spaying and neutering. Ask if they have any low-cost programs or a sliding-scale policy, which allows payment based on your
This will vary from one place to another, of course, and from one vet to another. In North America, at this writing (2013) a spay operation at a discount vet seems to be about $150
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