Average Cost in Spaying a Cat?


Spaying a cat is the removal of ovaries and uterus in a female cat. It is done to prevent a cat from becoming pregnant. The average cost in spaying a cat ranges between $50 to $100. If it is more complicated procedure it can cost as much as $200. Additional fees can also be added. For example, if a female cat is in heat it can cost an additional $25 to $30. Laser surgery is also an option that costs between $30 to $50.
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The price of spay and/or neuter may vary widely in a small geographic area,
The cost of spaying a cat varies greatly depending on where you live. Generally spaying a female cat is significantly more expensive than neutering a male cat, due to the extensive
If your veterinarian performs the spay, expect to pay in the range of $200. You could pay more if your cat is older, overweight or has a condition making surgery riskier. Your vet
This will vary from one place to another, of course, and from one vet to another. In North America, at this writing (2013) a spay operation at a discount vet seems to be about $150
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