Average Cost of Oil Change?


The average cost of an oil change is around $30. This is if you choose to go to a mechanic to have it done. Most places, such as Jiffy Lube, offer ten minute oil changes for specialty prices that can be as low as $19.99 for a basic oil change. The price begins to go up when you add on other services such as tire rotation and other checks. If you choose to change your oil yourself, the price can as little as the amount of the oil that you need to purchase in order to complete the change.
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the average cost is 4.29.
Around 20 to 30 bucks possibly
When you think about the cost of an oil change, keep in mind the cost is not simply calculated in just dollars and cents. Before crawling under the hood, be cognizant of the blood
Most oil change places will charge $32 to $35. Wal Mart charges $30. Look on the oil cap for oil weight to use. Any top brand oil is good. I prefer Chrysler, but you will have to
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The Average Cost for an Oil Change
Regular oil changes are the primary form of maintenance you will be paying for on your vehicle. This expense can add up as most oil changes ranging from about $30 to over $100.... More »
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