What is the average cost of school uniforms?


The average cost of school uniforms is $249. That is about the same as the average amount spent on non-uniform clothing bought for students returning to school. Daily Finance reports that a healthy wardrobe of school uniforms can be purchased for as little as $120, though.

The wide variance in the costs of school uniforms is due to the wide range in prices from low-end budget retailers to high-end retailers and school sponsored stores. In spite of nearly even spending statistics for parents whose children must wear uniforms to school and those whose children do not, the majority of parents report that they feel purchasing uniforms is the budget friendlier option. It is also worth mentioning that school uniform costs are falling. This is in direct correlation to the rise in the number of schools that require students to wear uniforms. A larger customer base means that uniform manufacturers' overhead costs decrease while their profit margins increase. Just shy of 20 percent of American schools require students to wear uniforms. While parents rave about the financial benefits of school uniforms and teachers praise the behavioral impact of them, students are not as enthused. Most who object state that school uniforms interfere with self-expression.

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