What is the average depth of a water well?


The average depth of a water well is 100 to 200 feet. While 9.8 feet is the lowest recommended depth, some wells can go as deep as 3,000 feet.

While the depth of water wells vary greatly, it is important that the well is drilled deeper than the elevation of the underground water table. Because levels will fluctuate all throughout the year, as well as from year to year, a well needs to be deep enough to accommodate water in drought conditions. Shallow wells are also more susceptible to contamination than those that are deeper. Wells have been used since prehistoric times and were important in the creation and civilization of many towns. Wells were even used by Eratosthenes to help calculate the radius of the Earth in 230 BC.

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100 feet.
1. Remove the well cover and water well cap, if present. Before you measure the water level, let the well sit open for approximately 20 minutes so that the groundwater has sufficient
I would probably refer you to the National Park Service at Grand Canyon National Park for authoritative sources if you need documented answers.1] My answer is based on things I have
The average well in the U.S. is 160 to 280 ft, with some as deep as
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The Average Depth of a House Water Well
Homeowners in many parts of the United States do not have access to city water supplies and instead must rely on well water. A number of factors ranging from aquifer depth to soil contamination can impact the depth of a well. State rules and different... More »
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