Average Distance Commute to Work?


The average commute distance that Americans take to work daily would be 16 miles. The average time of commuting for Americans would be 26 minutes, and that is just one-way. For a round trip, that would be close to an hour's worth of commuting daily.
Q&A Related to "Average Distance Commute to Work?"
Workers who live in the outer suburbs
I live in the metro DC area. 1-2 hours a day is OK here, door-to-door. . What our firm offers however is fenomenal: telework 4 days a week and get together for a meeting face-to-face
My sister, husband and I all have the same 45 min commute to work
I used to do my 11 mile bicycle commute in about 40 minutes. With city traffic, it would be 30 minutes to drive, BUT I would spend 5-10 minutes at the end of the drive parking. The
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