What is an average half-marathon time?


Running a half marathon takes a lot of practice and dedication, so an average time depends on how long the participant has been running and training for the event. For a professional runner, a time under 1 hour and 12 minutes is considered excellent. For an amateur runner, a time that comes in at around 2 hours (or about 9 minutes per mile) is an accomplishment.

While a runner can train for a half marathon, they can never get a feel a specific course unless they run it first. Factors like hills, temperature and the number of other runners on the course often make average half marathon times increase.

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The time of the person in the middle of a half-marathon run in 2003 for men whereby 1409 runners competed is around 2 hours 30 mins. The fastest runner finished with a time of 1hr
The overall average finish time is 2:05:45 for a half marathon, but race at
1. Weigh the possibility. Training for a half-marathon virtually from scratch in a month is obviously not a wise decision, unless you are already an intermediate runner with at least
At the local marathon this year, out of 3482 people, you would have finished about 1200th. Probably more of the really strong runners were in the full marathon. That's 9min 14sec
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