How to Care for Avocado Tree?


An avocado tree will need plenty of sunlight. Water it lightly but frequently and make sure the water does not get muddy. Keep it inside during the colder months when it gets below 45 degrees.
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1. Water your young avocado tree twice each week when there are five or more days of less than 1 inch of rainfall, soaking the soil thoroughly down to and around the roots. After
My mom has a baby avocado tree. She got this tree simply but putting an avocado pit in a glass of water and sticking 4 toothpicks in the pit to keep it halfway out of the water. She
Water regularly but if the leaves get yellow you are watering too m...
1. Remove the pit. Cut into the avocado carefully, so as not to injure the pit, which is in the fruit's center. You can do this by scoring the skin/fruit about ½ an inch deep
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Avocado Tree Care
Homegrown avocados make great gardening trees. Learn all about avocado tree care with gardening tips from a horticulturist in this free gardening video.... More »
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There are many things to learn to properly care for an avocado tree. An avocado tree does not have bark on it. It is important to make a mixture of latex paint and water to coat the young trees with to prevent sunburn. The tree must be planted in full sun in a well drained spot. The tree needs to have much put around the canopy of the tree at least two times a year. The tree will need to be pruned after it has been harvested for the year.
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